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Is MovieStarPlanet Hack (MSP), a secure and fun place for th
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Will be moviestarplanet hack (MSP), a secure msp hack fun place for children?
.. or is it a grownup money-making machine, exposing children to explicit adult content, while putting them vulnerable to being hacked, scammed msp hack called by adult stalkers?

Since a parent, you have to be careful letting your children use social networks. Grooming, cracking, charge card scams, bullying msp hack exposure to precise adult content, are a lot.
moviestarplanet hack. com claims to be a safe msp hack fun place for children at the age of 8 to 15.

These are MSP's words from the moviestarplanet crack website: "At moviestarplanet hack, we have been dedicated to keeping the website safe, fun msp hack clean for everyone. "
Regarding security: "moviestarplanet hack takes the protection of its users very seriously. Vernon Jones is the top of Safety at moviestarplanet hack msp hack his role is to safeguard children against all kinds of inappropriate conduct msp hack keep your online community as safe as you possibly can.
moviestarplanet hack aims to provide children aged between 7 msp hack 15 years with a safe, secure msp hack fun interpersonal networking platform. "
Information for the patients parents: "moviestarplanet hack is a great game msp hack community for the children to have fun, be creative msp hack make friends. The protection of our users is our highest concern at moviestarplanet hack. inches

Lets msp hack tool this to the test

moviestarplanet hack initially look:
The first impression you get of the moviestarplanet hack site, is this log-on screen.
msp hack pobierz

A pimp-looking wanna-be msp hack a trashy blonde.....! Is this kids-friendly, just because the image is poorly drawn, msp hack even worse cartoon? Hardly.

The first impact you get of moviestarplanet hack, right after creating your avatar, which any adult can do by the way, is that MSPs focus actually isn't about children. It's purely about making money. This website is seeking it's absolute best to place cmsp hacky in front side of kids, making them beg their parents to buy it. Nothing on MSP has any real value what so ever! Still, they sell their "items" for sky high prices.

$79. 99 is VERY expensive for getting some virtual cloths msp hack diamonds! Most other social networks are completely free, msp hack provide a far better product. You can even get real quality games for way less money. Look at any top title at a gaming store, msp crack you will pay $59 at most, for something that provides Greater quality msp hack entertainment.

About top of delivering a very small products at a very high price, MSPs access msp hack virtual items are limited to a certain time-frame. When the time is up, you need to buy it again!... In addition, you've kept to buy all the stuff quietly, after paying for being a "VIP", which only provides the directly to the items.

In short: MSP offers very poor content at extremely high overprices.

MSP security:
Besides being extremely expensive compared to what you get, MSP is nowhere near as safe as the company wants one to believe. MSP is the perfect place for groomers msp hack crammers. Anyone can make a fake online email, which is the only security check MSP have, despite the fancy words on their site. Any adult can freely msp hack privately chat with thousmsp hackers of children worldwide. Youngsters can simply be tricked into giving away personal information, by promises of free stuff. What MSP means by "The safety of our own users is our greatest priority at moviestarplanet crack. " is a mystery, as there is no safety or security at all. MSP get some moderators, who check out reviews. But as anyone can enter MSP anonymously, tidying msp hack scamming can be done comfortably in complete safely. msp hack IF captured, the person can just make another anonymous accounts msp hack continue the hunt.

MSP claims that the identities of the children on the site are kept secret. Take a simple search for art-books msp hack you will see that MSPs statement is extremely incorrect.

These are only a few illustrations. The leak of personal information ranges hundreds of web pages!

MSP, the social community:
The social part of MSP, is in form of the clumsy profile webpage, that every user have. You can send msp hack receive messages, msp hack put some badges, that's it. It's the most limited platform I have ever seen. Even Twitter has more opportunities, despite it's simplicity.

MSP would probably claim that it's due to "safety msp hack security", but looking at the way the game is run, it's amazingly clear that the real reason, is due to lack of programming skills. The platform is made in flash, which makes it heavy, stiff msp hack extremely slow. Making "real" social network content, would make the site even more heavy msp hack practically unusable. Typically the MSP code seems extremely clumpy msp hack old. This is probably also the reason why MSP doesn't make a real mobile application for the game.
The chat rooms are painfully slow too, msp hack really shows the lack of code optimization. Besides being slow, they don't look great either. The sketches are terrible, msp hack the animations are really really bad. Everything is "stick-man" animated, msp crack done by people who doesn't have a clue about ergonomics.

MSP, the game:
The "game" part of MSP is very limited as well. The particular avatar is leveled by getting fame. Fame can be bought for money (real money) or become by making movies. We guess that this is what MSP is referring to, as the "game". The movie maker is horrible to say the least. It's clumsy msp hack limited, which makes for minimal opportunities to make something worth viewing. Most of the children don't even care either, as you earn celebrity based on the amount of men and women watching, the quality of the movie. Therefore?
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Is MovieStarPlanet Hack (MSP), a secure and fun place for th
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